Unhealthy. Tired. Uninspired. Are these the universal truths, or axioms, of your life? They were for Aaron Kautz, founder of Axiom Massage. Far-removed from his former self, the people-person who had thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, Aaron had become someone else. He became a person who sat disconnected, all alone in front of a computer screen for over 8 hours a day. After decades of entertaining the idea of being a massage therapist, he decided to make his dream a reality. To become a new person. To do something that would allow him to live a life of wellness while connecting with others. He became a massage therapist and changed the axioms of his life.


Movement. Energy. Life. These are the axioms of Axiom Massage. Aaron’s goal as a massage therapist is to help clients feel more connected to themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally through massage therapy techniques. Whether you are an athlete in peak physical condition, a person with a chronic medical condition, or someone who just needs a few moments of peace and relaxation, Axiom Massage can help you restore and maintain movement, energy, and life in your everyday experiences.