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Is Axiom Massage a licensed massage therapy practice?

Yes. Aaron Kautz, LMT, MA123456, is a sole proprietor operating as “Axiom Massage” and is fully licensed by the State of Florida to practice massage. His establishment has been inspected and approved by the Florida Department of Health, and is a business recognized by the City of Tallahassee. Aaron received his license after completing a 525-hour course at the Core Institute and passing The Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx), which is administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards. Aaron is also certified in Core Myofascial Release and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

What should I expect?

Your massage will be performed in a dimly lit room. The default massage service is Swedish, or classic massage. Massages typically use lotions, oils, or cream, so you will be expected to disrobe. You should always feel comfortable, in control, and at ease.

What should I wear?

The cardinal rule for massage attire is “dress to your comfort.” Many people prefer to keep their panties or briefs on during a massage, while others prefer to be completely nude. It’s up to you.
If your problem areas are your lower back, hips, buttocks, or groin, tight-fitting underwear can sometimes get in the way of massage work, but a thong for women or briefs for men should do the trick. If you do remove your underwear, you will always be properly covered, or “draped,” by a sheet or towel. Only the area being massaged will be uncovered.

Will the massage therapist be there when I undress?

The massage therapist will leave the room so that you can remove your clothing and lie on the massage table (usually face down) under the top sheet. Don’t rush or worry that the massage therapist will walk in on you — the massage therapist knocks and asks if you are ready before entering the massage room.

May I bring someone to my massage?

If having a friend or loved one present during your massage will make you more comfortable, you are welcome to bring them along. Your guest will be required to remain still and quiet for the duration of the treatment.

I’m self-conscious about a part of my body and don’t want the therapist to see me. What can I do?

People are self-conscious for various reasons. Some of the more common concerns are:

  • I’m overweight.
  • I have excessive hair growth on my body.
  • I’ve got acne on my face or back.
  • My feet are ugly.
  • I have scars.
  • Being self-conscious should never keep you from seeking health care, whether it’s visiting your doctor or seeing a massage therapist.
    If you’re self-conscious about a certain part of your body, you can ask the massage therapist to avoid that area.

    Should I talk during the massage?

    Although some people prefer to talk throughout the massage, don’t feel like you have to make conversation with the massage therapist. Feel free to close your eyes and relax.
    The massage therapist will communicate with you throughout the massage to make sure you are comfortable and to ask questions regarding pressure or technique. Deep tissue massage and sports massage are just some of the types of massage that require more feedback. The massage therapist often works on deeper layers of muscle and will want to ensure that the pressure is not uncomfortable.
    Be sure to speak up if:
    • The room is too hot or too cold
    • You experience pain
    • You have any questions related to the massage
    • There’s anything you forgot to mention during the consultation

    The pressure isn’t deep enough, but I don’t want to insult the therapist’s technique. What should I do?

    Communicate openly with the massage therapist. Keep in mind however that it’s a myth that massage therapy has to hurt to be effective.
    Some of the most effective types of massage therapy are gentle and do not involve deep pressure or pain. In fact, too much pressure can cause muscles to seize up.
    Here is the measurement our therapists use — on a scale of 1 to 10, 5 is perfect pressure. Anything above 5 is too deep, anything below is not deep enough. Use this scale to communicate with your therapist during your session.

    What are the benefits of massage therapy?

    The benefits of massage are physical and mental,  included but not limited to the following:

    * relaxes the whole body
    * loosens tight muscles
    * relieves tired and aching muscles
    * increases flexibility and range of motion
    * diminishes chronic pain
    * calms the nervous system
    * lowers blood pressure
    * lowers heart rate
    * enhances skin tone
    * assists in recovery from injuries and illness
    * strengthens the immune system
    * reduces tension headaches
    * reduces mental stress
    * improves concentration
    * promotes restful sleep
    * aids in mental relaxation

    Why do I need to drink water after a massage?

    Massage will increase the circulation of blood and lymph while hastening the removal of cellular debris. Water will give your body the hydration it needs to sustain this cleansing process.  Drinking water after your session is VERY important!!!

    This is my first time at Axiom Massage. What should I do to prepare for my massage?

    Priority number one is to bring a completed Client Intake form with you to your appointment. It is also beneficial to arrive 10-15 minutes early to meet Aaron, go over your Client Intake form, and discuss any issues or concerns you have prior to starting your treatment. You will be required to complete this form prior to your first session. If you do not bring the completed form with you, you will have to take time out of your session to complete it before the session can begin.

    Try to plan your massage for a time of day where you won’t be rushed. This will allow you to relax mentally and receive the full benefits of your session.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life. In our desire to be effective and fair to all of our clients and out of consideration for our therapists’ time, we have adopted the following policies:
    • 24 hour advance notice is required when canceling an appointment. This allows the opportunity for someone else to schedule an appointment.
    • If you are unable to give us 24 hours advance notice you will be charged the full amount of your appointment. This amount must be paid prior to your next scheduled appointment.
    Anyone who either forgets or consciously chooses to forgo their appointment for whatever reason will be considered a “no-show”. They will be charged for their “missed” appointment and future service will be denied until payment is made.
    Arriving late
    Appointment times have been arranged specifically for you. If you arrive late your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours. Depending upon how late you arrive, your therapist will then determine if there is enough time remaining to start a treatment. Regardless of the length of the treatment actually given, you will be responsible for the “full” session.
    Out of respect and consideration to your therapist and other customers, please plan accordingly and be on time.

    What forms of payment are accepted?

    Full payment is expected before or after treatment.  All clients, whether they have received treatment or booked an appointment, are bound by this policy without any prejudice or exemption.
    We accept cash, credit, and debit cards. Credit or debit cards must be present at time of sale. Checks are also accepted, but returned checks will be subject to a $35 fee. All non-cash transactions will require proof of identification.
    Axiom Massage, its’ owner, a third party collection vendor, or legal counsel acting on behalf of Axiom Massage shall have full legal right to collect any unpaid balance for services rendered and any associated fees incurred due to non-payment of services.